The standard placement of breast implants, regardless of the incision site, is essentially a blind operation that makes intraoperative visualization of the surgical area difficult for purposes of dissection of tissue planes, for the accurate division of muscle fibers, and the control of bleeding. The use of illuminated surgical retractors has offered only a partial visualization solution

The introduction of the endoscope has substantially improved the accuracy and predictability of breast enlargement with breast implant surgery. The addition of the endoscope has been is a major breakthrough in the area of cosmetic surgery including breast augmentation.

The ideal incision site to perform breast endoscopic augmentation is the armpit. The endoscopic transaxillary augmentation allows the cosmetic surgeon to create crease symmetry, muscle division, implant positioning and bleeding control under total endoscopic visualization with great control and ease.

The performance of a safe and effective endoscopic transaxillary augmentation procedure requires expertise with the use of the endoscope. Drs. Pelosi pioneering work and expertise with endoscopic surgery (laparoscopy, hand-assisted laparoscopy and hysteroscopy) are recognized worldwide.

Although Drs. Pelosi consider the armpit the best approach for the endoscopic breast augmentation, at a patient’s request, they are also able to perform the endoscopic surgery using the inframammary and the belly button incisions.