Liposuction Overview

Liposuction is body sculpture. We specialize in liposculpture which is the highest level of liposuction. We use it to reshape your bulges and trouble spots into more pleasing contours. It’s a great option for treating your arms, your legs, your tummy, your back and your chin. It has all of the advantages of invisible scars and a quick recovery.

Liposuction is versatile. If you’re lean, it can be used to enhance and sculpt muscle definition for a more athletic look with high definition techniques also called Hi Def, 3D and 4D lipo. If some areas are too flat, it can be combined with fat injections.

Liposuction improves the results of nips and tucks. If you have loose skin, it can be combined with tummy tucks, arm lifts and thigh lifts to deliver results that were only a dream a decade ago. Lipo can also be used to improve the results of nips and tucks that you might have had in the past.


Who’s An Ideal Candidate For Liposuction?

The ideal candidate for liposuction are men & women who are in relatively good health and have excess fat and skin that doesn’t go away regardless of diet and exercise.  In addition, the skin should be relatively firm. If the skin is too loose, patients may require a tummy tuck to achieve their desired results.

The most common area for liposuction at Pelosi Medical Center is the torso, followed by arms, legs, and chin.

Different Types of Liposuction

Microcannular Liposuction
Also known as microliposuction, this technique utilizes very slender cannulas and tumescent anesthesia to achieve delicate and precise fat removal in smaller areas where fine contouring is desired. Recovery is extremely rapid.

High Definition Liposuction
High definition liposuction is the three dimensional sculpting of the abdominal muscles, the chest muscles, the lower back and gluteus to enhance their appearance. The procedure is designed as an advanced scultping technique rather than standard liposuction and requires an experienced surgeon.

The procedure is indicated for males and females who have good muscle tone, exercise regularly, have good quality skin, and have been unable to achieve their desired muscle definition.

The procedure is performed under local tumescent anesthesia; the high definition liposuction goal is to remove the superficial and deep fat that covers the target muscles. Drs. Pelosi perform high definition liposuction using SmartLipo Laserlipolysis and Vaser Liposelection systems for the initial liquefaction of the fat around the muscles to be enhanced. The sculpturing is completed using fine cannulas specially designed by Drs. Pelosi for high definition sculpturing.

Power Assisted liposuction
Often referred to as Power Lipo or Vibro Liposuction, this technology utilizes fine motorized suction cannulas to gently and accurately remove fat while giving you gentle vibrations similar to a massage. Power Lipo is an excellent choice for small area detail work and  for sensitive areas. It can easily be combined with any other lipo technique.

Smart Liposuction
Laser lipo, or laser lipolysis, uses laser fibers inserted into the fat layers through very narrow tubes (cannulas) to deliver high-powered laser energy which helps to shrink stretched out skin and melt small fat deposits. Laser lipolysis is used in conjunction with tumescent liposuction in many areas of the body.

Superwet Liposuction
Superwet lipo is the current method for liposuction under general anesthesia and epidural anesthesia worldwide. It utilizes a wetting solution – a relative of the solution used for tumescent liposuction but in different concentrations and doses. The recovery is much more painful than that with tumescent liposuction.

Tumescent Liposuction
Tumescent Lipo is the most popular lipo technique worldwide because the results are better, the recovery is faster, and the surgery is safer than with any other method. The key to its success is the tumescent anesthesia –  a carefully balanced, carefully measured anesthetic mixture. It is used in combination with many of the techniques on this page.

VASER Lipo (Ultrasonic Lipo, UAL)
A branded technology of high-frequency internal ultrasound equipment designed to emulsify (liquify) the targeted fat deposits immediately before they are treated with liposuction.

Water Assisted Lipo (BodyJet, Tickle Lipo)
Yet another variation of Tumescent Lipo. The BodyJet procedure seeks to replace conventional cannula action with a surgical “power wash” dislodgement of unwanted fat cells. We call it creative marketing. Patients call it more uncomfortable than Tumescent Lipo with similar results.


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Recovery After Your Liposuction

The recovery for any of the liposuction techniques (mentioned above) is relatively similar. During the first phase of recovery, patients will experience some fluid drainage. Patients will also have to wear a compression garment to aid in the recovery. At this time, it’s recommended that patients also receive massage therapy because the fluid your body creates during recovery will need to be managed so it doesn’t form unsightly lumps or harden into weird feeling bumps. Massage therapy will help to control this.

Key Facts About Your Liposuction

Typical Duration: 2 hours

Work: 2-3 days

Exercise: 4-6 weeks

Final Results: 3-4 months







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