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Laser Perineorphaphy & Perineorphaphy Overview

A perineorrhaphy or a perineoplasty is a procedure that repairs the perineum. The perineum is the bridge of skin and muscle between the vagina and the anus. The procedure is also called an introitoplasty.

The most common goal of a perineoplasty is to tighten the perineum when it’s loose. Sometimes, the goal is to make the perineum looser if it’s too tight – we call this a reverse perineoplasty or a Fenton procedure.

From left to right, the images above depict the bulbocavernosus muscles & perineal body (blue), the relationship of the perineal muscles to the deeper levator muscles, and the transverse perineal muscles (superficial & deep). The perineal muscles are the collective term for the bulbocavernosus and transvese perineal muscles. The fusion point of the left and right sides of the perineal msucles is known as the perineal body. When the perineal body is thin or shortened, the most common cause is thinning or absence of left-right muscular connections in the midline. Perineorrhaphy corrects the anatomy and increases the distance between the anus and the vagina.

Frequently Asked Questions About Perineoplasty

Can I have perineoplasty if I’ve had vaginal surgery before?2020-05-19T19:59:24-04:00

Yes. Many of our patients have had work done elsewhere and they can have this procedure done safely and effectively.

When can I have sex after a perineoplasty?2020-05-19T19:58:46-04:00

Most women can resume sex in six weeks. However, an exam by your surgeon is the best way to confirm this.

When can I return to work after a perineoplasty?2020-05-19T19:58:01-04:00

You can return to work the next day after this procedure. However, you should stay out of the gym and avoid strenous physical activity for six weeks.

What happens if I have vaginal childbirth after a perineoplasty?2020-05-19T19:57:28-04:00

The perineoplasty will break and the vaginal opening will become as loose or looser than it was before your surgery.

What happens if I get perineoplasty when the doctor recommends a vaginoplasty?2020-05-19T19:56:53-04:00

You will not be satisfied. The vaginal opening will be tight, but the inside will be loose and this will be obvious to you and your partner every time you have sex. You will then need to have a second operation to undergo a vaginoplasty if you want to feel tightness on the inside.

Do I need a perineoplasty or a vaginoplasty?2020-05-19T19:56:11-04:00

It depends on what’s loose. If the vaginal opening is loose and the vaginal canal is tight, then you would be an ideal candidate for a perineoplasty. If the vaginal canal is loose, then you would need a vaginoplasty. If you’re not sure, Dr. Pelosi can tell instantly by examining you.

Key Facts About Perineorphaphy

Typical Duration: 1 hour

Work: 2-3 days

Sex: 6 weeks

Exercise: 6 weeks

Final Results: 6 weeks


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