Tummy Tuck Overview

Tummy Tuck procedures come in many different shapes and sizes to treat a wide range of problems from loose skin,  to loose muscles, to stretch marks & unwanted scars. Tummy tucks can be combined with liposculpture, fat injections and Brazilian Buttocks Augmentation.

​At your consultation we will examine you thoroughly, give  you a long list of choices that you probably didn’t even know existed and help you make accurate informed decisions.

Learn about your options regarding scar placement, belly button management, and muscle tightening and the many ways in which they can be combined to best suit your needs.


Who’s An Ideal Candidate For A Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is designed to tighten lose, sagging skin and can be for both men & women. However, a tummy tuck is not intended to remove fat. A combination of both liposuction and a tummy tuck would be needed to remove fat and tighten sagging skin.

Most women who have given birth are also great candidates because during pregnancy the muscles in the abdomen will separate and can only be brought back together with a Tummy Tuck.

Men & women who have a ‘pot belly’ are another good group of Tummy Tuck candidates. You can tell if you have a pot belly if your stomach curves outwards, you take a deep breath and your abdomen hangs out. This is an indication that your abdominal muscles are loose and separated.

Different Types of Tummy Tucks

The Body Lift
The Body Lift is an extension of the tummy tuck concept around the entire front, back and sides. Body lifts are usually recommended following massive weight loss when there is a great deal of excess of loose skin and subcutaneous tissue which will not go away. These procedures are usually done in stages to make them safer.

Mini Tummy Tucks
Mini Tummy Tucks are designed for those with looseness below the belly button only. These procedures combine full tummy Lipo with a nip and tuck of excess Bikini Zone skin to give tightness and an ultra low-riding scar. The umbilicus and the abdominal muscles are not involved in this procedure.

Mini tummy tucks don’t tighten the abdominal muscles and they don’t repair the umbilicus. These operations are usually done for people who don’t have a separation between the muscles and who don’t have looseness in the upper abdomen.

​Lipo Tummy Tucks
​Lipo Tummy Tucks are tummy tucks that combine liposuction along with the nip and tuck. Almost all of our tummy tucks are lipo tummy tucks (aka lipo-abdominoplasty). They give better shape and contours than traditional old-style tummy tucks. They are also safer and have a much faster and more comfortable recovery and we are experts in this awesome combo.

Muscle Tightening
Muscle Tightening is essential for mommies. Childbearing blasts a gap down the center of the abdominal six-pack muscles leaving you with a rounded potbelly which won’t respond to diet or exercise. ALL of our Mommy Makeover Full Tummy Tucks include muscle tightening.

Diastasis Rectii
A diastasis is a large elliptical gap between the abdominal muscles (the rectus muscles) that develops as a result of pregnancy. Closing this gap reduces the potbelly and restores flatness better than any other surgical or nonsurgical option.

The Scarless Umbilcoplasty
The Scarless Umbilcoplasty is our favorite technique for making a new belly button and you’ve seen it on all of the before and afters on this page. Patients and other surgeons tell us it’s the prettiest and most realistic umbilicus they have ever seen.

All of the work is done on the inside. There is no cutting of the skin or visible scars. This means no ugly scars or fake looking belly button shape or discolored skin. It’s also a finished product immediately after surgery. No other technique does this.

​Open Neo-Umbilicoplasty
​Open Neo-Umbilicoplasty is a technique that we use in special situations when the scarless technique can’t be used. We will let you know if you need this type of belly button at your consultation. It gives excellent results too, but unlike the scarless technique it takes about 8 weeks to heal.

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Recovery After Your Tummy Tuck Surgery

Most people are sore and stiff in the first few days and rapidly feel better. The soreness is not severe and is usually alleviate with muscle relaxants and medium strength painkillers that are not narcotics, not opioids, and not addictive.

Key Facts About Your Brazilian Butt Lift

Typical Duration: 2-3 hours

Work: 2-3 weeks

Exercise: 6 months

Final Results: 3-6 months







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