Brazilian Butt Lift Overview

The BBL is all about boosting the curves of your hips and your booty. We use an artistic blend of liposuction, liposculpture and fat injections to reshape the contours and flow of the buttocks and hips in beautiful harmony. Enhanced projection and volume enhancement yield dramatic and desirable curves. Fat injections are natural, feel natural and don’t move or bulge in unnatural ways.

Dramatic transformations are common. The key to a great result with the Brazilian Butt Augmentation is the creation of a tight waistline around the buttocks so that the visual focus rests entirely on the downward and outward flow of curves from whatever clothing you choose to wear…or not.


Who’s An Ideal Candidate For Brazilian Butt Lift

Since the Brazilian Buttocks Augmentation is a fusion of two procedures – Lipo and Fat Injections – people seeking this procedure need to be good prospects for both of these procedures. This means that you need to be healthy, have sufficient body fat, abstain from anything that can thin your blood, abstain from smoking, and abstain from dieting for the first three months after surgery.

Cigarette smoking will lead to poor results. Smokers typically lose almost all of their injected fat volume. This happens because the nicotine in cigarette smoke (and non-cigarette products as well) prevents the fat cells from getting enough oxygen to survive. If you choose to quit smoking, you should wait at least six weeks from your last cigarette before undergoing the Brazilian Buttocks Augmentation. If you live or work in an environment with cigarette smoke, you face the same problem that a smoker does.

Dieting right after surgery will lead to poor results. Every fat cell in your body is connected to and receives nourishment from blood vessels. Newly injected fat cells are extremely fragile and spend the first twelve weeks after surgery establishing connections to the blood vessels of the gluteal region. If you diet during this sensitive process, you will starve these fat cells to death and they will be absorbed completely by your body.

Brazilian Butt Lift Considerations

Ideal locations for fat to be harvested

Specialized liposuction techniques and equipment are used to harvest fat from your own body. The fat is purified and then carefully and precisely injected into the buttocks area to create the best possible shape and volume.  If you can pinch two inches of extra fat along your waistline or love handles, or if you can pinch an inch all around,  you probably have more than enough fat to create a nice, curvy bottom.

Here are some of the areas that you might want to take extra fat from:

  • The back (lower, upper, or both)
  • The sides & waistline (“flanks”)
  • The belly
  • At tummy tuck
  • The thighs
  • The arms

The best areas to take fat from for buttocks augmentation are the lower back, waistline & sides because they create a tighter waistline, a more defined upper buttocks contour (the V-Zone) & a better waist-to-hip ratio.

Size of butt augmentation

Like any other type of augmentation procedure elsewhere on the body, Buttocks Augmentation is limited by the amount of space that exists in the gluteal region and how well the area stretches to accommodate the extra volume. If “too much” fat is forced into the gluteal region, there won’t be enough blood supply to nourish all of the implanted fat and this will probably result in undernourishment of all of the newly transplanted fat cells and a large absorption and loss of the implant volume. A better idea for women seeking larger contours would be two medium-volume Brazilian Buttocks Augmentation sessions spaced at least three months apart. By that time the blood supply will have reestablished itself sufficiently to permit more fat cells to survive in the gluteal region. Lipo would need to be performed at each session. Frozen fat is not an option.

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Recovery After Your Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Most Brazilian Buttocks Augmentation procedures involve Lipo of the back, waist and hip regions and the recovery feels similar to that of the Lipo procedure with mild discomfort at the buttocks. Many women say it feels similar to the soreness of a good workout. The majority of Brazilian Buttocks Augmentation at LVR-NJ utilize tumescent anesthesia – the same anesthesia used for SmartLipo and the recover is typically quick and mild. Most women are back to work in 2-3 days and typically take Tylenol or Motrin alone for any discomfort they experience. A special compression garment is worn for the first six weeks over the areas which were liposuctioned. Unique aspects of the recovery process include adopting a modified sitting position for the first six weeks after surgery and avoiding weight loss for the first twelve weeks after surgery.

Longevity of Results

Fat cells are living tissue and if they remain alive, they will continue to give added volume wherever they happen to be located. When a Brazilian Buttocks Augmentation procedure is performed the buttocks will immediately appear larger than the actual volume of fat that has been deposited. One week after surgery your buttocks will appear significantly larger than they were before surgery, but slightly smaller than they were right after surgery. This is part of the normal process and there are several reasons for this. First, a small volume of anesthetic fluid is placed into the buttocks whenever the procedure is done and this will absorb away over several days. Second, even purified fat contains a moderate amount of fluid which will also absorb quickly. Third, the injection process itself causes swelling even if no fat is injected and this too will give the appearance of extra volume. Finally, a portion of the injected fat cells will not survive regardless of how great your surgeon is, how much fat is placed, how healthy you are, how well you stick to the recovery instructions or how well you eat and take vitamins and avoid cigarettes. Fat survival is a complex process that even today is not completely understood. Generally, the volume that remains twelve weeks after surgery is the volume that you will keep. From that point forward, these surviving transplanted fat cells are yours to keep and they will behave like fat cells normally do – when you gain weight they will swell, and when you lose weight they will shrink, but they should no longer be at risk of starving to death. Wherever you happen to have a large number of fat cells you will, naturally and gladly, have the extra volume you wanted.

Key Facts About Your Brazilian Butt Lift

Typical Duration: 2-3 hours

Work: 2-3 days

Exercise: 8-12 weeks

Final Results: 3 months







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