Hymenoplasty Overview

We can reconstruct your hymen to the size of a natural virgin hymen. It will look real and it will leave no sign that a surgery has been performed.

The Procedure is Mild
Hymenoplasty takes less than 30 minutes to perform. It is usually done under local anesthesia. You may drive yourself home. You may return to work on the same day.

The Recovery is Painless
Hymenoplasty recovery is painless. You will not require painkillers. You will not experience discomfort. You may travel on an airplane the same day.

Full Healing Takes 8 Weeks
Hymenoplasty is done with ultra fine dissolving stitches. It takes 8 weeks for these stitches to dissolve completely. If you are planning to have this procedure in preparation for your wedding, be sure that your wedding date is more than eight weeks after your hymenoplasty. Otherwise, the stitches will still be present.

​Laser and radiofrequency technologies are used, as needed, to maximize the quality of the tissue reconstruction.

Most women who seek hymenoplasty undergo this procedure 2 – 6 months before their wedding date, but having the surgery more than six months beforehand does not affect the quality of the results and is an excellent option for women with a busy schedule.

The intact hymen is a thin membrane composed of connective tissue with a central opening which is usually round. The thickness and elasticity of hymen vary and it may sometimes stretch without breaking or tearing at the time of first sexual penetration. After the hymen has broken and healed, the remnants appear as small skin tags known as hymenal remnants or the carunculae myrtiformes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hymenoplasty

How soon before my wedding should I have the hymenoplasty done?2020-05-21T15:37:58-04:00

You need to give this procedure sufficient time to heal and for the stitches to dissolve completely. It takes 8 weeks for a hymenoplasty to heal. You should do this procedure 8 weeks or more before your wedding. If you don’t give the procedure enough time to heal, the stitches will be felt and seen and the result will not appear natural.

What is the hymenoplasty recovery process like?2020-05-21T15:36:39-04:00

The recovery is painless. You can expect a small amount of vaginal spotting and discharge for a few weeks afterwards. The stitches will dissolve completely in 8 weeks. You can resume normal activities, but you cannot go swimming, soak your stitches in a bath of any type, or place pressure on the hymen area for 8 weeks.

How soon can I travel after a hymenoplasty?2020-05-21T15:35:51-04:00

If you have the procedure done under local anesthesia, you may drive or fly on an airplane immediately after surgery. Many of our patients fly in to town, have their hymenoplasty, then return home the same day.

How long does a Hymenoplasty take to perform?2020-05-21T15:34:38-04:00

A typical hymenoplasty done under local anesthesia takes 15-20 minutes.

The Broken Hymen

This hymen was broken at 3 points indicated by the white lines. The breaks occurred when she had sex for the first time and they healed as small gaps along the edge of the hymenal opening. These breaks are repaired during a hymenoplasty.

Another broken hymen similar to the first example also demonstrates 3 breaks that have healed to leave small gaps in the opening.

In this example, there is a gap between the two white lines where there is no hymenal tissue remaining. This is more common in women who have been very sexually active. This too is repaired with hymenoplasty to create a virginal appearance.

The Reconstructed Hymen

This hymen has been reconstructed completely with hymenoplasty. The opening is now so small that it will only accept 2 Q-tips. When the scar heals there will be no trace of surgery. When she has sex after the healing is complete, the scar will break like just like a natural hymen.

This reconstructed hymen also has an opening the size of 2 Q-tips and will also leave no trace of surgery once it heals in 6-8 weeks.

This reconstructed hymen also shows a Q-tip sized opening. It also shows the position of the scar in relation to the labia minora. The hymen is slightly inside the vagina beyond the labia minora.


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Key Facts About Hymenoplasty

Typical Duration: 20 minutes

Work: 0-1 days

Sex: 8 weeks

Exercise: 8 weeks

Final Results: 8 weeks







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