Breast implants are available in various sizes ranging from 200 – 600 ml. The range 300 – 450 ml is the most common. Choosing your desired size can be a difficult decision – it is highly personal.

You can determine the size you want by placing breast implant sizers in your bra and then putting on a sweater, blouse or a t-shirt. You’ll want to decide your cup size and that will determine how large your implant will be. A 400 ml implant placed in a woman with an A cup will produce a C cup. The same implant placed in a woman with a B cup will produce a D cup. Bring the pictures of your desired size (take a look at a lingerie catalog or swimsuit pictures) to your consultation. Take the time to decide what you will be happy with so you don’t feel the need to undergo a second surgery.

Each saline implant must be overfilled by an additional 25-30 ml. This technique decreases the risk of deflation, rippling, and sloshing. There are no disadvantages to overfilling. Implants are meant to be overfilled, and the implant manufacturers recommend surgeons to overfill them.