We can reconstruct your hymen to the size of a natural virgin hymen. It will look real and it will leave no sign that a surgery has been performed.


Labia Majora Augmentation

Labia majora augmentation is a very popular procedure. Labia majora augmentation treats deflated and wrinkled labia majora. Labia majora augmentation is done with fat injections. It is a relatively quick procedure with a very mild recovery and can be done by itself or along with any other cosmetic procedure that you desire. It leaves no scars and gives excellent results. It is sometimes called Labia Majoraplasty Augmentation.


Labia Majora Reduction

Labia Majora Reduction (sometimes called ‘Labia Majoraplasty Reduction’) is a surgical procedure. It’s the only procedure that reduces the size of saggy or oversized labia majora. Labia Majora Reduction is a small nip and tuck of excess skin and fat done through thin nearly-invisible scars carefully hidden along the inside margin of the labia majora. The amount of tissue removed is tailored to your exact needs.


Labia Minoraplasty & Clitoral Hood

Symmetry, balance and comfort are the most common reasons why women request labiaplasty. The excess and sometimes darkened skin in this area frequently extends to the clitoral hood. For  this reason labiaplasty frequently needs to be combined with clitoral hood contouring.


Laser Perineorrhaphy and Perineoplasty

A perineoplasty is a procedure that repairs the perineum. The perineum is the bridge of skin and muscle between the vagina and the anus. The procedure is also called a perineorrhaphy or an introitoplasty.

The most common goal of a perineoplasty is to tighten the perineum when it’s loose. Sometimes, the goal is to make the perineum looser if it’s too tight – we call this a reverse perineoplasty or a Fenton procedure.


Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

Laser vaginal rejuvenation is all about tightening. All vaginal tightening procedures focus on bringing the muscular layers of the lower vagina closer together by a variety of techniques. These operations belong to a class of gynecology procedures known as posterior colporrhaphies.

How tight…? That’s up to you. We’ll show you how to figure it out & help you to achieve your goals.


Vaginal Rejuvenation

When the vaginal canal is loose, the condition is called vaginal laxity. The main problem is widely separated internal muscles. These muscles are called the levator muscles. Other names for the same muscles are the Kegel muscles and the puborectalis muscles. The most common reason for this problem is vaginal childbirth, but it can also happen in women who have never had children or vaginal childbirth.

The best treatment for vaginal laxity is surgery. The operation is called a vaginoplasty. A vaginoplasty has several components and all of them are included whenever we do a vaginoplasty. This is something that requires very highly developed skills and experience and not all surgeons do this procedure as thoroughly as we describe here:



Vaginoplasty is the surgical tightening of the skin and muscles of the vaginal canal from the outside to the inside when they have become loose – a condition called vaginal laxity. It is the gold standard procedure for vaginal tightening. It provides the strongest and most durable results of all available treatments. Vaginoplasty fixes both the perineum and the vaginal canal.

Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation is a term sometimes used interchangeably with vaginoplasty.

​Laser vaginal rejuvenation is a specific type of vaginoplasty and we offer this type too. Regardless of the technique, the results of a vaginoplasty are dependent upon a well-supported and intact pelvic floor.








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